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Steven trying to stay out of the wind

Bobby on vacation

Another view of the decorations

Greg, aka

Mr. Personality

Two beach beauties, Tara and Steve

Carlson is not fooling anyone.  He can't surf!

Steven's alter-ego

Vitaly enjoying the festivities.  "What a country!"

Tara, day 1.  "Coach, anyone?"

Some bathing beauties playing Tara's stand.

Maria, under the palms

Stephen resorts to cannibalism

Nicole and Megan relaxing at the tiki bar

Joe, Si and Jen  frolicking in the arcade

Two-can Tim

Eric and Clancy  "Piņa colada?"

We go ape over Si, Melisa and Candice

Candice is a Joe sandwich, Joe B. and Joe L.

Clancy & Melissa, day 1

Miles in search of big game

Family photo

Tropical island girl, Kelly

David X. Need we say more?

Jay, in a tropical mood.

Steve & Brian, day1

The camera loves Clancy

Brian & Clancy,  woo woo!

Samara & Clancy lost in the jungle

Jim, cool as a coconut

Erika hiding from the camera

T.B. charming the crowd

The Tiki gods are restless!



And surf!

Palm tree decorations


More tikis!

Even more tikis!!